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VCortex Color Proofing Software is aimed to replace the subjective, inaccurate and non-numeric color verification that is done today to determine the color fidelity of a print run.

Using a commercial scanner, controlled by VCortex' software, the operator can measure color values in about 3 minutes for an A4 sheet. This measurement is checked against a former measurement, done on the Golden Master (proof, former run or beginning of print).

The Color Proofing Software, aimed at traditional and digital printing market compares the printed sheet against:

  • Older run of same job: to ensure product continuity even when printed in separate batches

  • Start of same job: to ensure color consistency throughout the whole run of the printing job

  • Proof print : to determine how close the current print is to the desired proof (if a hard copy proof is supplied)

  • PDF file: to enable color checking even when a hard copy of proof is not supplied, and to adhere as closely as possible to the desired design

The Color Proofing Software displays a graphical deviation map of color compliance, according to the ΔE thresholds settings, and produces run reports that can be delivered to the final customer, as proof of color quality of the print. The target audience of this tool within the printing industry is the QA manager, the Print shop floor manager, and the Printer Operator.

The product will be released in 2008, and will support Microsoft Windows XP.