Contact Image Sensor - CIS

Base product

VCortex is offering CIS based scanner, tailored to your needs, specifications and interfaces.

The system consists of a linear RGB sensor array and electronics that can be mounted within a production web/sheet machine (such as printing press), to capture high resolution images from the passing web/sheet.

Scan modules may be arrayed to lengths only limited by mechanical constraints and host computer network configuration and bandwidth.

The modules are connected to the processing computer through Gigabit Ethernet connection. A dedicated S/W driver collates the images from the various modules and transfers them as a reconstructed ROI to the application. Alternatively, Camera Link connections are offered.

The scanner is based on Contact Image Sensor, the next generation technology for industrial vision based systems, that is replacing line scan cameras in more and more applications.

Click here for line scan / CIS comparison

our unique technology offers:

- Highest resolution: 63.5 microns in color, 21 microns BW

- Highest line rate: up to 50kHz

- Application defined regions of interest of different resolution and different color depth, variable on every revolution

- 8 bits or 16 bits per plane